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Third Party Applications Listing

This page lists all the applications that are known to use GDCM.

  • CMGUI : See
  • DeVIDE : DeVIDE, or the Delft Visualisation and Image processing Development Environment, is a cross-platform software framework for the rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of visualisation and image processing algorithms. See and
  • DGV : The Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer (DGV) is a simple and light-weight Scientific Visualisation tool using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). It uses OpenGL to display a variety of data formats. See
  • DicomImport : This document describes a new class itk::itkDicomDirectoryToImage, which, given a directory consisting of raw dicom files, converts all found series to volumetric data with consistent filenaming based on the dicom headers.
  • IGSTK : The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGstk: pronounced IGStick) is a high-level component-based framework providing common functionality for image-guided surgery applications.
  • Importing Contours from DICOM-RT Structure Sets: This paper presents parsing software for importing contours from DICOM RT structure set files into binary image files.
  • InVesalius : InVesalius is a free 3D medical image reconstruction software. Based on DICOM two-dimensional images, acquired using CT or RMI, the software generates virtual three-dimensional models correspondent to anatomical parts of the human body. InVesalius allows the generation of STL (stereolithography) files, used for Rapid Prototyping. The software is developed in Python and uses VTK, being available in English and Portuguese. Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • ITK : The National Library of Medicine Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) is an open-source software system for medical image processing in two, three and more dimensions.
  • LKEB : The Division of Image Processing of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) uses GDCM inside a DICOM browser, which is part of their library for the analysis of intravascular images.
  • Makhaon DICOM Dump: It's free of charge but very useful tool for anybody whose deals with DICOM instances,
  • MevisLab : Read and Write Support for MevisLab DICOM/Tiff Format,
  • MLView: MIView, OpenGL Based Medical Image Viewer. See
  • moonstonemedical : Moonstone is a platform for analysis, processing and visualization medical image (DICOM) multiplatform written in Python. See
  • mrf-registration: See
  • Olena: See and
  • platinum-image : 3D image analysis platform. Volumetric image analysis platform based on ITK, VTK and FLTK. A matrix-style user interface displays images and allows easy definition of image processing procedures. Altered images can be saved in the VTK format, input through VTK, DICOM and raw data. The imaging platform is intended to research projects in reducing the development cycle time and effort, allowing scientists to focus on their research.
  • praxix : A collection of command line programs for image processing based on the ITK.
  • python-med-wrap : Provide automate Python wrappers (bindings) for medical imaging toolkits originally in C/C++.
  • VolView : An intuitive, interactive system for volume visualization that allows researchers and clinicians to quickly explore complex 3D medical or scientific images.
  • Voreen : A flexible and modular volume rendering framework developed at the University of M√ľnster. The latest release includes a module that utilizes GDCM for DICOM functionality.
  • VR-Render : A medical image viewer. It is an interactive system for volume visualization which enables practitioners to quickly explore and analyze 3D medical or scientific data.
  • vtkINRIA3D : vtkINRIA3D is a C++ library extending the Visualization ToolKit, and dedicated to spatiotemporal data synchronization, visualization and management. It provides functionalities to help developers setting up sophisticated applications with minimal development effort.
  • Visualization Library : A lightweight C++ OpenGL middleware for 2D/3D graphics.
  • mivf : MIVF - Medical Imaging and Visualization Factory,is a framework for medical applications. It supplies a platform, in which image processing and 3D visualization algorithms can be employed as reusable components (functional modules or plugins).
  • GoSpect Exposicion: See

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Historical footnote

There are two major versions of GDCM : GDCM 1.x and GDCM 2.x. They are not compatible, and they will probably never be (see Upgrading from GDCM 1.x).

On some preliminary benchmark, GDCM 2.x has been found to be (much) faster than GDCM 1.

Nowadays (2008/03/13), GDCM 1.2.x is used by ITK, and everything build on top of ITK.

As of (2008/10/06), one can now use the ITK cmake option: ITK_USE_SYSTEM_GDCM. It will properly detects whether the system installed version is a GDCM 1.x or GDCM 2.x. Therefore the cmake option in GDCM: GDCM_USE_ITK is now deprecated in favor of ITK_USE_SYSTEM_GDCM.

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