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Things missing from GDCM implementation

  • Major
    • a gdcm::Parser implementation (aka SAX)
    • Big Endian machine are not tested, likely to crash or produce incorrect results. If you own such machine and would like to contribute a GDCM dashboard, please drop a note in the GDCM mailing list.
    • Enhanced MR/CT Image Storage are poorly supported (only simple cases will work).
    • deflated syntax should be padded with a \0 when appropriate
  • Minor
    • GDCMPolyDataReader and 12 ECG data.
    • gdcm::Scanner & SkipTags
    • gdcmdump -p and color on WIN32 terminal, make the color a compile time option
    • Modality LUT: Tag(0x0028,0x3000) is not taken into account
    • Fiducials Object
    • A Validator (PS 3.3) aka dciodvfy
    • gdcm.PythonDataSet and gdcm.PythonTagToValue are a hack to get around annoying swig issue, need to be fixed !
  • Feature request
    • Papyrus
    • FFMPEG plugin
    • MPEG2
    • Ruby wrapping
    • Replace swig wrapping with Boost.Python (http://lists.boost.org/boost-users/2008/01/32997.php)
    • Display (all or part) of UN or OB Data Elements that contain both printable and non printable char, in a human readable way (ala hexedit)
    • Virtual Big Endian is not fully supported (DataSet encoded in "implicit Value Representation" and big endian). (MM: I do not think this is even remotely possible, think IVRLE SQ / cp 246)


  • Conversion from DICOM to XML
  • multi-frame related pb
    • A 'frame by frame' reading, even for compressed images
    • single frame extraction from a multi-frame DICOM file
  • Memory-efficient bridge between GDCM and VTK, ideally in the non-streaming case just as much memory required as the size of one slice of data (in the case of 2D series).
    • 2D Series only require an extra 'line' overhead instead of the whole image.
  • A gdcm::SeriesSorter and a gdcm::VolumeSorter are currently missing, they would allow the sorting of filenames according to user criteria
    • See gdcm::Sorter & gdcm::IPPSorter
  • An acces to encapsulated images (within an 'Icon Image Sequence', inside a Dicom file, or inside a DICOMDIR)
    • Update:There is now a gdcm::IconImage
      • gdcm::IconImage should derive from gdcm::Image to allow processing of RGB/PALETTE (reuse code)
        • Fixed
  • Curves
    • See gdcm::Curve
  • vtkGDCMImageWriter should implement SetFileDimensionality
  • Modality LUT: linear rescale should be applied (http://visualisation.tudelft.nl/~cpbotha/thingies/IM-0001-0001.dcm).
  • Fix the Origin in vtkGDCMImageReader, depends on Image Orientation (Patient). Finish up gdcm::Orientation integration.
  • Add FileLowerLeft to vtkGDCMPolyDataReader -> IMPOSSIBLE
  • Conversion back/forth from raw to jpeg compressed
  • Segmented Palette
  • RT Object
  • Conversion from raw file like jpeg into DICOM
  • 16 Bits LUT table are not supported
  • Icon Image SQ can be compressed and/or PALETTE COLOR
  • ITK bridge is currently very poor
  • #Net wrapping
  • Command/Observer implementation
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