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You have until April 6: 19:00 UTC to apply Google Summer of Code application.

Full timeline


About You

Quickly present yourself (who you are, which University, studying what). Simply send some background on yourself (short bio) and introduce yourself to the gdcm-hackers group (subscription to this mailing list is highly suggested).

Then you should get yourself an account on to get access to this wiki and add your project proposal. See the registration page.

Coding Skills

Tell us about your hardware and operating system. We need to know about your coding experience (warning C++ required!), or are you using some other language?

Have you ever heard about GDCM/DICOM before?

Preparing yourself

Get up and running with your system to build GDCM. See the page Configuring and Building.

If you need help ask on the gdcm-hackers mailing list. See the FAQ General questions#Where are the GDCM mailing lists ? to subscribe to it.

Then describes your involvement in the project:

  • Create a User page to describe yourself
  • which project you would like to participate to
    1. what do you want to achieve, what do you want to learn ?
    2. why do you want to participate in an open source project ?
  • how much time are you going to spend to it ?
  • sending some small patches for the area you are interested in before the proposal submittal period can help !

Other summer plans

Are you going on vacation ? Do you have another summer job ?

Watch out that if you are accepted for the summer, then Google will be paying you as if you were working for them ! You will be expected to be working on 35-40 hours per week basis (we will have regular meetings). Please keep in mind this, and do not apply if you have such plans.

Advice for Students

Google setups a wiki page for students here. You really need to read this once!


Current Student Proposals

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