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GDCM 2.4.0 is a stable release over GDCM 2.2.X.

GDCM 2.4.0 (2013/10/16)

Here is a summary of the changes for GDCM 2.4.0.

  • gdcmxml
    • New tool to convert from/to DICOM to XML (need libxml2)
  • gdcmpap3
    • New tool to convert from PAPYRUS 3.0 to DICOM
  • gdcmimg
    • Support .bin file extension
  • NEWS:
    • API change for Crypto engine
    • OpenSSL is not required anymore on Windows, use native crypto engine (CryptoAPI)
    • Manipulate DICOM attribute with keyword (gdcmTagKeywords.h)
    • Add new VR:OD
    • Do not use SCREAM cmake syntax anymore (lower case convention)
    • Add support for PAPYRUS 3.0
    • Add support for QIDO-RS (JSON)
    • New example (DumpExamCard) to dump Exam Card from Philips RAW storage class
    • Legacy code removed
  • BUG:
    • Remove non working gdcmstream (StreamImageWriter never really worked)
    • Fix BUG: 279, gdcmanon add a mecanism to clear the UIDs cache


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