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GDCM 2.2.3 is a stable release over GDCM 2.2.2.

GDCM 2.2.3 (2013/03/31)

Here is a summary of the changes for GDCM 2.2.3.

  • gdcmscu:
    • Fix C-MOVE in gdcmscu, properly handles synedra AIM products. Thanks to the Synedra dev team for there help
  • NEWS:
    • Fix compilation with clang/gcc 4.2
    • Add public attributes from CP-1104
    • Add new attributes from HOLOGIC
    • Add test to check reading of Overlay Type
    • Fix JPEG/PVRG handling
    • Fix handling of DICOM DataSet where FMI refers to DICOMDIR
    • Improve logging for SCU operations
    • Remove mem leak in C-MOVE operation
    • Add support for single file in gdcmorthoplanes
    • Remove REUSE Address in C-MOVE
    • Fix an issue with DICOM/WSI handling (wrong image size)
    • Make sure Accept AC has been initialized from RQ
    • Properly return an error when server does not support little endian implicit
    • Mammography CAD SR is not an Image
    • Add Private tag for ShowcaseAppearance
    • Dump TOSHIBA MDW HEADER Image Header Info
    • Change behavior for JPEG 2000 / Planar Configuration = 1
    • Handle broken Leica DICOM/WSI (invalid odd length padding)
    • Fix support for SOP CLASS EXTENDED NEGOTIATION SUB-ITEM (UserInformation handle multiple of them now)
    • Fix C-ECHO and timeout issue
    • Add minimal support for JPEG 2000 / Part 2 support
    • Fix a stack corruption in ULConnection / ULConnectionInfo
    • Add a test for python/VTK
    • Make sure file written during a C-STORE-SCP (during C-MOVE) do not contain \0 in filename.
    • Minimal support for FUJI Private CR Image Storage
    • Add support for broken RGB DICOM/JPEG file



592f00c9748158955fecb5b7c46ae4af  gdcm-2.2.3.tar.bz2
e87b3fa412677773310516db53d7e1a8  gdcm-2.2.3.tar.gz
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