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Some hope-to-be useful end user applications are also provided :

Standalone (pure gdcm apps)

Gdcmanon : A reversible DICOM anonymizer (protect patient data, while allow de-encryption if needed).

Gdcmconv : Converts a DICOM file into another DICOM file.

Gdcmdump : Displays each field of a DICOM file.

Gdcmimg : Manipulate Pixel Data element of DICOM file (eg. convert from raster image to DICOM file).

Gdcminfo : Displays meta-information about a DICOM file.

Gdcmgendir : Generate a DICOMDIR file from a DICOM File-Set.

Gdcmpdf : Convert pdf to DICOM/PDF

Gdcmraw : Extracts a specific binary field from a DICOM DataSet (for hard-core developers)

Gdcmscanner : Scans a directory containing DICOM files.

Gdcmtar : tar/untar multi-frames images (including SIEMENS MOSAIC file).

With VTK

Gdcm2vtk : Convert a VTK supported file into DICOM file

Gdcmviewer : Displays a DICOM image and allows user to perform some simple measurements (angles, distance, ...)

With ITK

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