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David clunie presented this on the DICOM WG compression in SanDiego:

"DICOM does not, and will never, "approve" compression schemes for any particular use. .... Just because its in DICOM doesn't mean it is any good and just because it is not doesn't mean it isn't."

And from another.

"Bottom line: So cheap that avoiding storing for processing or lossy compressing is almost absurd."


JPEG2000 Specific

[A study of JPEG 2000 still image coding versus other standards]

Welcome to the Canterbury Corpus

The Canterbury Corpus is a benchmark to enable researchers to evaluate lossless compression methods. This site includes test files and compression test results for many research compression methods.

Random links

Motion JPEG

JPEG support in DICOM


  • TODO (cannot get dcmtopnm to produce a single image...)


filename result
DermaColorLossLess-j2k.dcm Seg fault
DermaColorLossLess-jpll.dcm Open, but image is distored
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-j2k.dcm Open, but image is noise (or black)
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jpll.dcm Works fine !
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jplo.dcm Wrong !
testacr-j2k.dcm noise
testacr-jpll.dcm looks fine


  • Does not support JPEG Lossless RGB
  • Does not support JPEG2000 at all (even crash).

DicomEye 2.44

filename result
DermaColorLossLess-j2k.dcm no pixel data found
DermaColorLossLess-jpll.dcm looks fine
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-j2k.dcm no pixel data found
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jpll.dcm looks fine
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jplo.dcm looks wrong
testacr-j2k.dcm no pixel data found
testacr-jpll.dcm looks fine


  • No support for JPEG2000
  • Good support for JPEG Lossless

EFilm 1.5.3

filename result
DermaColorLossLess-j2k.dcm could not open file: Unknown or unsupported format
DermaColorLossLess-jpll.dcm looks fine
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-j2k.dcm could not open file: Unknown or unsupported format
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jpll.dcm looks fine, but only first frame
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jplo.dcm crash
testacr-j2k.dcm could not open file: Unknown or unsupported format
testacr-jpll.dcm looks fine


  • No support for JPEG2000
  • Good support for JPEG Lossless

TomoVision 1.7 rev 2

filename result
DermaColorLossLess-j2k.dcm looks fine
DermaColorLossLess-jpll.dcm looks somewhat fine (very dark image)
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-j2k.dcm very slow and decompression went completely wrong
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jpll.dcm fast and everything looks ok
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jplo.dcm DCQ not reconigzed...
testacr-j2k.dcm decompression went completely wrong
testacr-jpll.dcm looks fine


  • RGB + JPEG2000 is ok.
  • JPEG Lossless is somewhat ok, but DermaLossless looks completely different whether we open the original image, the image rewritten using the jpeglossless or jpeg2000 (all three are differents).
  • Does not support JPEG2000+Grayscale.

Power DICOM 3.3 Trial Edition


filename result
DermaColorLossLess-j2k.dcm Sorry image format not supported
DermaColorLossLess-jpll.dcm looks fine
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-j2k.dcm Sorry image format not supported
GE_DLX-8-MONO2-Multiframe-jpll.dcm looks fine
testacr-j2k.dcm Sorry image format not supported
testacr-jpll.dcm looks fine


  • JPEG Lossless looks somewhat ok. But does not support some other...
  • RLE is not supported
  • Does not support JPEG2000
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