Simple DICOM viewer.


gdcmviewer [options] file-in


The gdcmviewer is a simple tool that show how to use vtkGDCMImageReader. The class that use gdcm to make a layer to VTK. gdcmviewer is basically only just a wrapper around VTK/GDCM.

This tool is meant for testing integration of GDCM in VTK. You should see it as a demo tool. It does compile with VTK ranging from 4.2 to 5.10, but only with VTK 5.2 (or above) can play with the widgets (as described below).


file-in   DICOM input filename



     --force-rescale    force rescale (advanced users)
     --force-spacing    force spacing (advanced users)
  -r --recursive        Recusively descend directory

general options

  -h   --help
         print this help text and exit

  -v   --version
         print version information and exit

  -V   --verbose
         verbose mode (warning+error).

  -W   --warning
         warning mode, print warning information

  -E   --error
         error mode, print error information

  -D   --debug
         debug mode, print debug information

Typical usage

Simple usage

For now gdcmviewer should be started from a command line prompt. The next argument should be the name of the DICOM file you wish to read. For instance:

$ gdcmviewer -V 012345.002.050.dcm

gdcmviewer will try to read your file, and then print the vtk information associated with this file. Basically what kind of image you are looking at.

Wiki Link

The wiki page, with color pictures can be found at:


gdcmdump(1), gdcm2vtk(1)


Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Mathieu Malaterre

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