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gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU Class Reference

AAssociateRQPDU Table 9-11 ASSOCIATE-RQ PDU fields. More...

#include <gdcmAAssociateRQPDU.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector
< PresentationContextRQ
typedef std::vector
< PresentationContextRQ >

Public Member Functions

 AAssociateRQPDU ()
 AAssociateRQPDU (const AAssociateRQPDU &pdu)
void AddPresentationContext (PresentationContextRQ const &pc)
std::string GetCalledAETitle () const
std::string GetCallingAETitle () const
SizeType GetNumberOfPresentationContext () const
PresentationContextRQ const & GetPresentationContext (SizeType i) const
const PresentationContextRQGetPresentationContextByAbstractSyntax (AbstractSyntax const &as) const
const PresentationContextRQGetPresentationContextByID (uint8_t i) const
const & 
GetPresentationContexts ()
const UserInformationGetUserInformation () const
bool IsLastFragment () const
void Print (std::ostream &os) const
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
void SetCalledAETitle (const char calledaetitle[16])
 Set the Called AE Title.
void SetCallingAETitle (const char callingaetitle[16])
 Set the Calling AE Title.
void SetUserInformation (UserInformation const &ui)
size_t Size () const
const std::ostream & Write (std::ostream &os) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsAETitleValid (const char title[16])
 Check whether or not the title is a valid AE title.

Protected Member Functions

std::string GetReserved43_74 () const


class AAssociateACPDU

Detailed Description

AAssociateRQPDU Table 9-11 ASSOCIATE-RQ PDU fields.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::AAssociateRQPDU (  ) 
gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::AAssociateRQPDU ( const AAssociateRQPDU pdu  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::AddPresentationContext ( PresentationContextRQ const &  pc  ) 
std::string gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetCalledAETitle (  )  const [inline]
std::string gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetCallingAETitle (  )  const [inline]
SizeType gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetNumberOfPresentationContext (  )  const [inline]
PresentationContextRQ const& gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetPresentationContext ( SizeType  i  )  const [inline]
const PresentationContextRQ* gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetPresentationContextByAbstractSyntax ( AbstractSyntax const &  as  )  const
const PresentationContextRQ* gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetPresentationContextByID ( uint8_t  i  )  const
PresentationContextArrayType const& gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetPresentationContexts (  )  [inline]
std::string gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetReserved43_74 (  )  const [protected]
const UserInformation& gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::GetUserInformation (  )  const [inline]
static bool gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::IsAETitleValid ( const char  title[16]  )  [static]

Check whether or not the title is a valid AE title.

bool gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::IsLastFragment (  )  const [inline, virtual]
void gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::Print ( std::ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

This function will initialize an AAssociateACPDU from the fields in the AAssociateRQPDU structure

Implements gdcm::network::BasePDU.

std::istream& gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::Read ( std::istream &  is  )  [virtual]
void gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::SetCalledAETitle ( const char  calledaetitle[16]  ) 

Set the Called AE Title.

void gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::SetCallingAETitle ( const char  callingaetitle[16]  ) 

Set the Calling AE Title.

void gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::SetUserInformation ( UserInformation const &  ui  ) 
size_t gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::Size (  )  const [virtual]
const std::ostream& gdcm::network::AAssociateRQPDU::Write ( std::ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AAssociateACPDU [friend]

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