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gdcm::XMLPrinter Class Reference

#include <gdcmXMLPrinter.h>

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Public Types

enum  PrintStyles {
  OnlyUUID = 0,

Public Member Functions

 XMLPrinter ()
 ~XMLPrinter ()
PrintStyles GetPrintStyle () const
virtual void HandleBulkData (const char *uuid, const TransferSyntax &ts, const char *bulkdata, size_t bulklen)
void Print (std::ostream &os)
void PrintDataSet (const DataSet &ds, const TransferSyntax &ts, std::ostream &os)
void SetFile (File const &f)
void SetStyle (PrintStyles ps)

Protected Member Functions

VR PrintDataElement (std::ostream &os, const Dicts &dicts, const DataSet &ds, const DataElement &de, const TransferSyntax &ts)
void PrintSQ (const SequenceOfItems *sqi, const TransferSyntax &ts, std::ostream &os)

Protected Attributes

const FileF
PrintStyles PrintStyle

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::XMLPrinter::XMLPrinter (  ) 
gdcm::XMLPrinter::~XMLPrinter (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

PrintStyles gdcm::XMLPrinter::GetPrintStyle (  )  const [inline]
virtual void gdcm::XMLPrinter::HandleBulkData ( const char *  uuid,
const TransferSyntax ts,
const char *  bulkdata,
size_t  bulklen 
) [virtual]

Virtual function mecanism to allow application programmer to override the default mecanism for BulkData handling. By default GDCM will simply discard the BulkData and only write the UUID

void gdcm::XMLPrinter::Print ( std::ostream &  os  ) 
VR gdcm::XMLPrinter::PrintDataElement ( std::ostream &  os,
const Dicts dicts,
const DataSet ds,
const DataElement de,
const TransferSyntax ts 
) [protected]
void gdcm::XMLPrinter::PrintDataSet ( const DataSet ds,
const TransferSyntax ts,
std::ostream &  os 
void gdcm::XMLPrinter::PrintSQ ( const SequenceOfItems sqi,
const TransferSyntax ts,
std::ostream &  os 
) [protected]
void gdcm::XMLPrinter::SetFile ( File const &  f  )  [inline]
void gdcm::XMLPrinter::SetStyle ( PrintStyles  ps  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

const File* gdcm::XMLPrinter::F [protected]

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