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gdcm::Writer Class Reference

Writer ala DOM (Document Object Model) This class is a non-validating writer, it will only performs well- formedness check only. More...

#include <gdcmWriter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Writer ()
virtual ~Writer ()
void CheckFileMetaInformationOff ()
void CheckFileMetaInformationOn ()
FileGetFile ()
void SetCheckFileMetaInformation (bool b)
 Undocumented function, do not use (= leave default).
void SetFile (const File &f)
 Set/Get the DICOM file (DataSet + Header).
void SetFileName (const char *filename_native)
 Set the filename of DICOM file to write:
void SetStream (std::ostream &output_stream)
 Set user ostream buffer.
virtual bool Write ()
 Main function to tell the writer to write.

Protected Member Functions

std::ostream * GetStreamPtr () const
void SetWriteDataSetOnly (bool b)

Protected Attributes

std::ofstream * Ofstream
std::ostream * Stream


class StreamImageWriter

Detailed Description

Writer ala DOM (Document Object Model) This class is a non-validating writer, it will only performs well- formedness check only.

Detailled description here To avoid GDCM being yet another broken DICOM lib we try to be user level and avoid writing illegal stuff (odd length, non-zero value for Item start/end length ...) Therefore you cannot (well unless you are really smart) write DICOM with even length tag. All the checks are consider basics:

gdcm::Writer cannot write a DataSet if no SOP Instance UID (0008,0018) is found, unless a DICOMDIR is being written out
See also:
Reader DataSet File

ChangeSequenceUltrasound.cxx, ClinicalTrialAnnotate.cxx, CreateJPIPDataSet.cxx, DuplicatePCDE.cxx, EncapsulateFileInRawData.cxx, Extracting_All_Resolution.cxx, Fake_Image_Using_Stream_Image_Writer.cxx, FixBrokenJ2K.cxx, FixJAIBugJPEGLS.cxx, GenAllVR.cxx, GenFakeIdentifyFile.cxx, GenLongSeqs.cxx, GenSeqs.cxx, HelloWorld.cxx, LargeVRDSExplicit.cxx, PatchFile.cxx, pmsct_rgb1.cxx, rle2img.cxx, and StreamImageReaderTest.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::Writer::Writer (  ) 
virtual gdcm::Writer::~Writer (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void gdcm::Writer::CheckFileMetaInformationOff (  )  [inline]
void gdcm::Writer::CheckFileMetaInformationOn (  )  [inline]
File& gdcm::Writer::GetFile (  )  [inline]
std::ostream* gdcm::Writer::GetStreamPtr (  )  const [inline, protected]
void gdcm::Writer::SetCheckFileMetaInformation ( bool  b  )  [inline]

Undocumented function, do not use (= leave default).

GenAllVR.cxx, GenFakeIdentifyFile.cxx, and PatchFile.cxx.
void gdcm::Writer::SetFile ( const File f  )  [inline]
void gdcm::Writer::SetFileName ( const char *  filename_native  ) 
void gdcm::Writer::SetStream ( std::ostream &  output_stream  )  [inline]

Set user ostream buffer.

void gdcm::Writer::SetWriteDataSetOnly ( bool  b  )  [inline, protected]
virtual bool gdcm::Writer::Write (  )  [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class StreamImageWriter [friend]

Member Data Documentation

std::ofstream* gdcm::Writer::Ofstream [protected]
std::ostream* gdcm::Writer::Stream [protected]

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