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gdcm::SerieHelper Class Reference

SerieHelper DO NOT USE this class, it is only a temporary solution for ITK migration from GDCM 1.x to GDCM 2.x It will disapear soon, you've been warned. More...

#include <gdcmSerieHelper.h>

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struct  Rule

Public Member Functions

 SerieHelper ()
 ~SerieHelper ()
void AddRestriction (const std::string &tag)
void AddRestriction (uint16_t group, uint16_t elem, std::string const &value, int op)
void Clear ()
void CreateDefaultUniqueSeriesIdentifier ()
std::string CreateUniqueSeriesIdentifier (File *inFile)
FileListGetFirstSingleSerieUIDFileSet ()
FileListGetNextSingleSerieUIDFileSet ()
void OrderFileList (FileList *fileSet)
void SetDirectory (std::string const &dir, bool recursive=false)
void SetLoadMode (int)
void SetUseSeriesDetails (bool useSeriesDetails)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< RuleSerieRestrictions
typedef std::map< std::string,
FileList * > 

Protected Member Functions

bool AddFile (FileWithName &header)
void AddFileName (std::string const &filename)
void AddRestriction (const Tag &tag)
bool FileNameOrdering (FileList *fileList)
bool ImagePositionPatientOrdering (FileList *fileSet)
bool UserOrdering (FileList *fileSet)

Protected Attributes

SingleSerieUIDFileSetmap::iterator ItFileSetHt
SingleSerieUIDFileSetmap SingleSerieUIDFileSetHT

Detailed Description

SerieHelper DO NOT USE this class, it is only a temporary solution for ITK migration from GDCM 1.x to GDCM 2.x It will disapear soon, you've been warned.

Instead see gdcm::ImageHelper or gdcm::IPPSorter

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<Rule> gdcm::SerieHelper::SerieRestrictions [protected]
typedef std::map<std::string, FileList *> gdcm::SerieHelper::SingleSerieUIDFileSetmap [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::SerieHelper::SerieHelper (  ) 
gdcm::SerieHelper::~SerieHelper (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool gdcm::SerieHelper::AddFile ( FileWithName header  )  [protected]
void gdcm::SerieHelper::AddFileName ( std::string const &  filename  )  [protected]
void gdcm::SerieHelper::AddRestriction ( uint16_t  group,
uint16_t  elem,
std::string const &  value,
int  op 
void gdcm::SerieHelper::AddRestriction ( const std::string &  tag  ) 
void gdcm::SerieHelper::AddRestriction ( const Tag tag  )  [protected]
void gdcm::SerieHelper::Clear (  ) 
void gdcm::SerieHelper::CreateDefaultUniqueSeriesIdentifier (  ) 
std::string gdcm::SerieHelper::CreateUniqueSeriesIdentifier ( File inFile  ) 
bool gdcm::SerieHelper::FileNameOrdering ( FileList fileList  )  [protected]
FileList* gdcm::SerieHelper::GetFirstSingleSerieUIDFileSet (  ) 
FileList* gdcm::SerieHelper::GetNextSingleSerieUIDFileSet (  ) 
bool gdcm::SerieHelper::ImagePositionPatientOrdering ( FileList fileSet  )  [protected]
void gdcm::SerieHelper::OrderFileList ( FileList fileSet  ) 
void gdcm::SerieHelper::SetDirectory ( std::string const &  dir,
bool  recursive = false 
void gdcm::SerieHelper::SetLoadMode ( int   )  [inline]
void gdcm::SerieHelper::SetUseSeriesDetails ( bool  useSeriesDetails  ) 
bool gdcm::SerieHelper::UserOrdering ( FileList fileSet  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

SingleSerieUIDFileSetmap::iterator gdcm::SerieHelper::ItFileSetHt [protected]

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