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gdcm::QueryFactory Class Reference

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#include <gdcmQueryFactory.h>

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static ECharSet GetCharacterFromCurrentLocale ()
static void ListCharSets (std::ostream &os)
 List all possible CharSet.
static DataElement ProduceCharacterSetDataElement (const std::vector< ECharSet > &inCharSetType)
static BaseRootQueryProduceQuery (ERootType inRootType, EQueryType inQueryType, EQueryLevel inQueryLevel)

Detailed Description


contains: a class to produce a query based off of user-entered information

Essentially, this class is used to construct a query based off of user input (typically from the command line; if in code directly, the query itself could just be instantiated)

In theory, could also be used as the interface to validate incoming datasets as belonging to a particular query style

Member Function Documentation

static ECharSet gdcm::QueryFactory::GetCharacterFromCurrentLocale (  )  [static]

This function will return the corresponding ECharSet associated with the current locale of the running system (based on the value of locale() ).

static void gdcm::QueryFactory::ListCharSets ( std::ostream &  os  )  [static]

List all possible CharSet.

static DataElement gdcm::QueryFactory::ProduceCharacterSetDataElement ( const std::vector< ECharSet > &  inCharSetType  )  [static]

This function will produce the appropriate dataelement given a list of charsets. The first charset will be used directly, while the second and subsequent will be prepended with "ISO2022 ". Redundant character sets are not permitted, so if they are encountered, they will just be skipped. if UTF8 or GB18030 is used, no subsequent character sets will be used if the vector passed in is empty, then the dataelement that's passed out will be empty and Latin1 is the presumed encoding

static BaseRootQuery* gdcm::QueryFactory::ProduceQuery ( ERootType  inRootType,
EQueryType  inQueryType,
EQueryLevel  inQueryLevel 
) [static]

this function will produce a query (basically, a wrapper to a dataset that can validate whether or not the query is a valid cfind/cmove query) and the level of the query (patient, study, series, image). If the user provides an invalid instantiation (ie, study root type, query level of patient), then the result is NULL.

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