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gdcm::PixmapReader Class Reference

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#include <gdcmPixmapReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PixmapReader ()
virtual ~PixmapReader ()
const PixmapGetPixmap () const
 Return the read image (need to call Read() first).
PixmapGetPixmap ()
virtual bool Read ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ReadACRNEMAImage ()
virtual bool ReadImage (MediaStorage const &ms)
bool ReadImageInternal (MediaStorage const &ms, bool handlepixeldata=true)

Protected Attributes

SmartPointer< PixmapPixelData

Detailed Description


its role is to convert the DICOM DataSet into a gdcm::Pixmap representation By default it is also loading the lookup table and overlay when found as they impact the rendering or the image

See PS 3.3-2008, Table C.7-11b IMAGE PIXEL MACRO ATTRIBUTES for the list of attribute that belong to what gdcm calls a 'Pixmap'

the API ReadUpToTag and ReadSelectedTag
See also:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::PixmapReader::PixmapReader (  ) 
virtual gdcm::PixmapReader::~PixmapReader (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const Pixmap& gdcm::PixmapReader::GetPixmap (  )  const

Return the read image (need to call Read() first).

Pixmap& gdcm::PixmapReader::GetPixmap (  ) 
virtual bool gdcm::PixmapReader::Read (  )  [virtual]

Read the DICOM image. There are two reason for failure: 1. The input filename is not DICOM 2. The input DICOM file does not contains an Pixmap.

Reimplemented from gdcm::Reader.

Reimplemented in gdcm::ImageReader, and gdcm::ImageRegionReader.

virtual bool gdcm::PixmapReader::ReadACRNEMAImage (  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in gdcm::ImageReader.

virtual bool gdcm::PixmapReader::ReadImage ( MediaStorage const &  ms  )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in gdcm::ImageReader.

bool gdcm::PixmapReader::ReadImageInternal ( MediaStorage const &  ms,
bool  handlepixeldata = true 
) [protected]

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