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gdcm::FileMetaInformation Class Reference

Class to represent a File Meta Information. More...

#include <gdcmFileMetaInformation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FileMetaInformation ()
 FileMetaInformation (FileMetaInformation const &fmi)
 ~FileMetaInformation ()
void FillFromDataSet (DataSet const &ds)
 Construct a FileMetaInformation from an already existing DataSet:
const TransferSyntaxGetDataSetTransferSyntax () const
VL GetFullLength () const
MediaStorage GetMediaStorage () const
TransferSyntax::NegociatedType GetMetaInformationTS () const
const PreambleGetPreamble () const
 Get Preamble.
PreambleGetPreamble ()
void Insert (const DataElement &de)
bool IsValid () const
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
std::istream & ReadCompat (std::istream &is)
void Replace (const DataElement &de)
 Replace a dataelement with another one.
void SetDataSetTransferSyntax (const TransferSyntax &ts)
void SetPreamble (const Preamble &p)
std::ostream & Write (std::ostream &os) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void AppendImplementationClassUID (const char *imp)
static const char * GetImplementationClassUID ()
static const char * GetImplementationVersionName ()
static const char * GetSourceApplicationEntityTitle ()
static void SetImplementationClassUID (const char *imp)
 Override the GDCM default values:
static void SetImplementationVersionName (const char *version)
static void SetSourceApplicationEntityTitle (const char *title)

Protected Member Functions

void ComputeDataSetMediaStorageSOPClass ()
void ComputeDataSetTransferSyntax ()
void Default ()
template<typename TSwap >
std::istream & ReadCompatInternal (std::istream &is)

Static Protected Member Functions

static const char * GetFileMetaInformationVersion ()
static const char * GetGDCMImplementationClassUID ()
static const char * GetGDCMImplementationVersionName ()
static const char * GetGDCMSourceApplicationEntityTitle ()

Protected Attributes

MediaStorage::MSType DataSetMS
TransferSyntax DataSetTS
TransferSyntax::NegociatedType MetaInformationTS


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const FileMetaInformation &_val)

Detailed Description

Class to represent a File Meta Information.

FileMetaInformation is a Explicit Structured Set. Whenever the file contains an ImplicitDataElement DataSet, a conversion will take place.

Definition: The File Meta Information includes identifying information on the encapsulated Data Set. This header consists of a 128 byte File Preamble, followed by a 4 byte DICOM prefix, followed by the File Meta Elements shown in Table 7.1-1. This header shall be present in every DICOM file.

See also:
Writer Reader

GenAllVR.cxx, GenFakeIdentifyFile.cxx, LargeVRDSExplicit.cxx, and ReadAndDumpDICOMDIR.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::FileMetaInformation::FileMetaInformation (  )  [inline]
gdcm::FileMetaInformation::~FileMetaInformation (  )  [inline]
gdcm::FileMetaInformation::FileMetaInformation ( FileMetaInformation const &  fmi  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

static void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::AppendImplementationClassUID ( const char *  imp  )  [static]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::ComputeDataSetMediaStorageSOPClass (  )  [protected]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::ComputeDataSetTransferSyntax (  )  [protected]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Default (  )  [protected]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::FillFromDataSet ( DataSet const &  ds  ) 

Construct a FileMetaInformation from an already existing DataSet:

const TransferSyntax& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetDataSetTransferSyntax (  )  const [inline]
static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetFileMetaInformationVersion (  )  [static, protected]
VL gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetFullLength (  )  const [inline]

References gdcm::VL::GetLength().

static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetGDCMImplementationClassUID (  )  [static, protected]
static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetGDCMImplementationVersionName (  )  [static, protected]
static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetGDCMSourceApplicationEntityTitle (  )  [static, protected]
static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetImplementationClassUID (  )  [static]
static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetImplementationVersionName (  )  [static]
MediaStorage gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetMediaStorage (  )  const

Reimplemented from gdcm::DataSet.

TransferSyntax::NegociatedType gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetMetaInformationTS (  )  const [inline]
Preamble& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetPreamble (  )  [inline]
const Preamble& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetPreamble (  )  const [inline]

Get Preamble.

Referenced by gdcm::operator<<().

static const char* gdcm::FileMetaInformation::GetSourceApplicationEntityTitle (  )  [static]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Insert ( const DataElement de  )  [inline]

Insert a DataElement in the DataSet.

: Tag need to be >= 0x8 to be considered valid data element

Reimplemented from gdcm::DataSet.

References gdcmErrorMacro, gdcm::Tag::GetGroup(), and gdcm::DataElement::GetTag().

bool gdcm::FileMetaInformation::IsValid (  )  const [inline]
std::istream& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Read ( std::istream &  is  ) 


Reimplemented from gdcm::DataSet.

std::istream& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::ReadCompat ( std::istream &  is  ) 
template<typename TSwap >
std::istream& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::ReadCompatInternal ( std::istream &  is  )  [protected]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Replace ( const DataElement de  )  [inline]

Replace a dataelement with another one.

Reimplemented from gdcm::DataSet.


References gdcm::DataElement::GetTag().

void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::SetDataSetTransferSyntax ( const TransferSyntax ts  ) 
static void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::SetImplementationClassUID ( const char *  imp  )  [static]

Override the GDCM default values:

static void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::SetImplementationVersionName ( const char *  version  )  [static]
void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::SetPreamble ( const Preamble p  )  [inline]
static void gdcm::FileMetaInformation::SetSourceApplicationEntityTitle ( const char *  title  )  [static]
std::ostream& gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Write ( std::ostream &  os  )  const


Reimplemented from gdcm::DataSet.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  _os,
const FileMetaInformation _val 
) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by FileMetaInformation().

Referenced by FileMetaInformation().

Referenced by FileMetaInformation().

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