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gdcm::Defs Class Reference

FIXME I do not like the name 'Defs'. More...

#include <gdcmDefs.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Defs ()
 ~Defs ()
const IODGetIODFromFile (const File &file) const
IODsGetIODs ()
const IODsGetIODs () const
const MacrosGetMacros () const
MacrosGetMacros ()
const ModulesGetModules () const
ModulesGetModules ()
Type GetTypeFromTag (const File &file, const Tag &tag) const
bool IsEmpty () const
bool Verify (const DataSet &ds) const
bool Verify (const File &file) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetIODNameFromMediaStorage (MediaStorage const &ms)

Protected Member Functions

void LoadDefaults ()
void LoadFromFile (const char *filename)


class Global

Detailed Description

FIXME I do not like the name 'Defs'.


GenerateStandardSOPClasses.cxx, and TraverseModules.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gdcm::Defs::Defs (  ) 
gdcm::Defs::~Defs (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

const IOD& gdcm::Defs::GetIODFromFile ( const File file  )  const
static const char* gdcm::Defs::GetIODNameFromMediaStorage ( MediaStorage const &  ms  )  [static]
const IODs& gdcm::Defs::GetIODs (  )  const [inline]
IODs& gdcm::Defs::GetIODs (  )  [inline]
const Macros& gdcm::Defs::GetMacros (  )  const [inline]

Users should not directly use Macro. Macro are simply a way for DICOM WG to re-use Tables. Macros are conviently wraped within Modules. See gdcm::Module API directly

Macros& gdcm::Defs::GetMacros (  )  [inline]
Modules& gdcm::Defs::GetModules (  )  [inline]
const Modules& gdcm::Defs::GetModules (  )  const [inline]
Type gdcm::Defs::GetTypeFromTag ( const File file,
const Tag tag 
) const
bool gdcm::Defs::IsEmpty (  )  const [inline]
void gdcm::Defs::LoadDefaults (  )  [protected]
void gdcm::Defs::LoadFromFile ( const char *  filename  )  [protected]
bool gdcm::Defs::Verify ( const File file  )  const
bool gdcm::Defs::Verify ( const DataSet ds  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Global [friend]

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