Program: GDCM (Grassroots DICOM). A DICOM library

  Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Mathieu Malaterre
  All rights reserved.
  See Copyright.txt or http://gdcm.sourceforge.net/Copyright.html for details.

     This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
     the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR
     PURPOSE.  See the above copyright notice for more information.

using Kitware.VTK;
using Kitware.VTK.GDCM;

 * Usage:
 * $ export MONO_PATH=/usr/lib/cli/ActiViz.NET/:/usr/lib/cli/Kitware.mummy.Runtime-1.0
 * $ mono ./bin/HelloActiviz2.exe gdcmData/test.acr bla.png bla2.dcm

 * From the outside view, no-one can detect that object pass to/from
 * vtkGDCMImageWriter/vtkGDCMImageReader are not Activiz object.
 * TODO: Test Command/Observer
public class HelloActiviz2
  public static int Main(string[] args)
    string filename = args[0];
    string outfilename = args[1];
    string outfilename2 = args[2];

    vtkGDCMImageReader reader = new Kitware.VTK.GDCM.vtkGDCMImageReader();
    reader.SetFileName( filename );

    // When calling multiple times creation of C# object from the same C++ object it triggers a:
//error: potential refcounting error: Duplicate rawCppThis - weak reference that is still alive. Attempting to add '0x00b2dc10' again.
//       Allowing new wrapped object to take over table key...
//       Original object should *not* have been destroyed while we still had it in our table without notifying us...

    System.Console.WriteLine( reader.ToString() ); // Test the ToString compat with Activiz

    vtkGDCMImageWriter writer = new vtkGDCMImageWriter();
    writer.SetInput( reader.GetOutput() );
    writer.SetFileName( outfilename2 );

    System.Console.WriteLine( reader.GetOutput().ToString() ); // Test the ToString compat with Activiz

    System.Console.WriteLine( writer.ToString() ); // Test the ToString compat with Activiz

    vtkPNGWriter pngwriter = new vtkPNGWriter();
    pngwriter.SetInput( reader.GetOutput() );
    pngwriter.SetFileName( outfilename );

    // at that point the .Write() should have triggered an Update() on the reader:
    if( reader.GetImageFormat() == vtkgdcm.VTK_LUMINANCE ) // MONOCHROME2
      System.Console.WriteLine( "Image is MONOCHROME2" ); //

    vtkPNGReader bmpreader = new vtkPNGReader();
    bmpreader.SetFileName( outfilename );

    vtkMedicalImageProperties prop = new vtkMedicalImageProperties();
    prop.SetModality( "MR" );

    vtkMatrix4x4 dircos = reader.GetDirectionCosines();

    vtkGDCMImageWriter writer2 = new vtkGDCMImageWriter();
    writer2.SetFileName( outfilename2 );
    writer2.SetDirectionCosines( dircos );
    writer2.SetMedicalImageProperties( prop );
    writer2.SetInput( bmpreader.GetOutput() );

    return 0;

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